Sunday, January 18, 2009


I appreciate greatly the way in which Lewis functions.  It is extremely helpful to me because I am an awful logistician.  Although I believe myself to have a mathematical mind and therefore a mind which leans toward the logical, I am very bad at constructing a logical set of points in a discourse.  I enjoy reading lewis’s works because I believe it improves my own skills in the area of discussion.  When I read his works I must follow his argument very closely to even understand what he is saying.  Although it is often hard to comprehend, Lewis’s writing teaches me how to conduct a logical discourse.

            Lately, I have found myself in a very confusing time.  I cannot make up my mind as easily as I used to and I seem to be attacked by other’s beliefs on all sides.  This past election is a good example of my plight.  One person would tell me that Obama is the best candidate and then give me all the reasons why he is the best.  Right after that, a person passionately explaining why McCain was the best candidate for the job would approach me.  I try to keep an open mind about these things until I am truly able to understand the subject but unfortunately it seems that as much as I researched, there was more to learn. 

I try making decisions by first observing them objectively and then making a decision but it seems so hard in a time like this.  Perhaps my base is wrong.  I have grown up in the modern era where we have become subjective to the bone.  Perhaps I cannot possibly be objective.  Regardless, I must find a practical solution to making a fair decision based on the facts.  According to Lewis, this starts with “elementary moral platitudes.”  By basing my decisions on Moral Law, and the Bible I will be able to live my life according to God’s will, which is the best way to live a life.

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  1. Dear Paul,

    I greatly appreciate the way you write! You are right! Lewis is NEVER an easy read. I have read some essays many times and they still hold stumbling blocks for my mind’s ‘logic’.
    However, I do believe you have a wise approach by ‘keeping an open mind about things until I am truly able to understand the subject”. I had to smile when you stated “but unfortunately it seems that as much as I researched, there was more to learn”: the subject of ‘voting responsibilities’ has been daunting to all! Again, your attitude is the best possible: humility in stating certain ignorance! So many would benefit of this approach! I confess many times I lack the modesty to do so. Thanks for the lesson!
    The main premise, I think, that we all should keep to “if in doubt, it is NO” or at least a list of all positives and negatives in a balance, and an upright acceptance/action of/on the results which is imperative for good resolution, meanwhile not judging anyone else… You are SO right. Subjectivism seems to be at the core of many thinkers, philosophers and even (unfortunately) church leaders…
    Finally for your answer, really ‘starts with “elementary moral platitudes”’ as stated in God’s Word! But you will have to live that out by FAITH!
    God Bless,
    Adriana & Paulo